Multi line omnidirectional barcode reader is fixed laser scanning platform, a high performance, using a patented optical world leading technology, makes the decoding performance, first read rate, the decoding speed has a very good performance in similar products. Is the best choice for the supermarket, shopping plaza, a large drugstore, hospital pharmacy.


The 7100 scanning platform technology parameters


Dimensions (with stand) 10cm x long 10cm width x16cm height (with stand)


Weight: 315 grams (containing only the scanner bracket)


The host power supply voltage from 5.0VDC + 10%


Rated current of 300 mA


Power 1W


The bracket is fixed mounted bracket (standard)


The color black


Performance parameters


650nm visible laser light source


The 32 bit CPU processor


0 to 360 degrees of rotation error

Scanning pattern of omnidirectional; 20 lines, 5 directions, 4 in each direction parallel scan lines


The bit error rate of 1/4000 million


The scanning speed of 1500 scans / sec


Scan depth of 0 to 21.5 cm (@13 mil 100%UPC/EAN)


The minimum resolution of 5 mil


The decoding ability of UPC/EAN/JAN, UCC/EAN128, Code 128, Code 39, Code 39, Interleaved 2, of 5, Industrial2 of 5, China postal code matrix two five, Code 93, Code 11, Codabar, MSI, etc. barcode


USB interface, support for RS232, PS2


Printing contrast minimum reflectance difference 25%


The use of the environment


The working temperature of 32 degrees Fahrenheit 104 degrees Celsius 0 degrees to / to of 40 degrees


The storage temperature of -40 degrees to degrees Fahrenheit 158 degrees Celsius 70 degrees -40 degrees to /


Environmental humidity is 5% to 95% (without condensation)


Fall from a height of 1 meters the specification withstands multiple drops to concrete impact


Anti light in normal indoor lighting and outdoor natural light (direct light


Light) under the conditions of use. Fluorescent, incandescent light, mercury vapour lamp


Light and sodium vapor lights: 450 feet (4844 Lux)


Sun: 8000 foot candles (86111 Lux)


Electrical safety through the CE, FCC certification


Laser safety in line with national standards of two level laser

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